Debbie Shafran, RN BSN CANS, an aesthetic nurse injector, has been practicing for over 25 years in dermatology and plastic surgery. She is also a clinical nurse educator for AIAM , a cosmetic medical device company. Debbie trains medical providers in the use of Nova Threads PDO Lift , Dermasculpt Canulas , and PRF technology.

Debbie’s comprehensive understanding of laser and IPL technology has made her a leader in the field. She has also been a trainer for the medical device company, Syneron – Candela.

Debbie brings almost two decades of experience in all types of aesthetic medicine. She has completed formal advanced training for neurotoxins, PDO thread lifts, PRF, Dermasculpt cannulas and all dermal fillers. She is an advanced aesthetic nurse injector whose expertise is creating a naturally enhanced look. Debbie, who hails from a family of artists, considers each face a unique, lovely canvas, and works together with her clients to sculpt and compliment each person’s features. She believes a combination of inner and outer beauty can only consistently be achieved by working hand in hand with nature to subtly enhance and bring out that which is already there. This requires an immense understanding of natural processes, anatomy and an artistic acumen.

With office and spa locations in the South Shore of Long Island, Manhattan , New Rochelle, and Bedford NY, Debbie practices aesthetic medicine in association with her medical director, Dr. Robert Van Amerongen.

Aesthetic medicine has become a rapidly evolving industry, oversaturated with multiple options and aggressive advertising.  As a result, consumers are often confused, and even scared, to make a choice.  One of the biggest concerns for clients looking for cosmetic procedures is fear of that overdone look that is so common nowadays. In contrast our philosophy is for patients to look and feel a better version of themselves, rested or refreshed- and this is exactly what she achieves.  These subtle changes should be the goal of every cosmetic practitioner.


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